The situation is serious. So serious, in fact, that car manufacturers are setting up their own task forces to deal with the rapidly increasing shortage of semiconductors and other electronic components. A seamless supply chain seems almost impossible, as rising demand is driven not only by electromobility and autonomous driving, but also by alternative mobility concepts and IoT.

There is therefore an increasing demand for reliable solutions that approach the topic of supply chain management in a more sustainable, agile and efficient manner than has been the case to date.

As a logistics service provider for electronic components, btv technologies gmbh offers its customers a revolutionary end-to-end component management with the tak model. The tak model has already proven itself in the supply chain of various manufacturers, Tier1's and EMS partners and helps customers, especially in allocation, to achieve a unique and guaranteed security of supply with electronic components, both active, passive and electromechanical.

On 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, btv technologies gmbh guarantees a worldwide contractually assured availability of electronic components for production supply. This service applies worldwide to all customers' production sites, to all integrated suppliers and to all EMS service providers under contract in their supply chain. Additional slots have been set up in recent weeks to allow new customers to quickly get started with the tak model.

The primary focus of the logistics model is to achieve maximum, i.e. 100 percent, supply security. The disruptive approach of the tak model makes it possible to absorb all the influences of the semiconductor crisis on the supply chain and prevent cost-intensive line stoppages.

Additionally, the attractiveness of the tak model is underpinned by its sustainable cost-effectiveness. Thanks to an individually customisable modular system, only the services that are really needed are billed. Without hidden costs due to surcharges, trading margins or surcharges for foreign currency conversion. A separate calculation tool enables interested parties to evaluate costs in advance and thus provides the greatest possible transparency.